Cyber Security Expert and Thought Leader

Peter Hacker

‘The battle for talent, data, advisory, counter intelligence and defense becomes dramatically different in many industries. Analytics, Creativity, Intuition and Industry Knowledge reflect unprecedented value whilst emerging Cyber Risks represent an unparalleled global challenge and threat. Unprecedented measures and steps need to be taken.’

Peter Hacker has two decades of cyber risk, advisory, underwriting and technical cyber security leadership experience in London, New York, Singapore and Zurich. The focus of his work and research has been for many years at top management level of leading global companies, successful midcap niche players and regional and international organizations .

Most recently, he performed as an expert for top managements (reinsurers and corporations), regulators and investors who required impartial advice on defense mechanisms, silent cyber risk, risk aggregation, claims management and use of threat intelligence, cyber risk transfer (direct and reinsurance) and incident management tools. In the last five years, Peter Hacker advised successfully B2C and/or B2B across the European Union, North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand), India, Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile), Africa (North and South) and the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Israel).

As multilingual (E, G, SP, F, P) expert and thought leader he has been addressing numerous international, regional organizations and regulators, for instances, the IIS, FERMA, AIRMIC, PLUS, DWIC, SIRC, SIRM, ABGR, MAS, PRI and BCP Asia. In November 2018, he was engaged by the SIRC to advise on the world’s first Cyber Risk Insurance Pool in Singapore.

Peter Hacker has built a reputation for going the extra mile, exploring new risk territories and risk models, leading and implementing successfully change and response. Peter holds an Economics Degree from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich, a dual MBA Degree from both London Business School (Distinction) and Columbia Business School (Honors) and was nominated by Columbia Business School to the international honor academic society – Beta, Gamma, Sigma – in 2004.